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Pioneer Memorial Museum

The Museum has been recognized as one of the world’s largest collections of nineteenth-century pioneer artifacts. It contains Mormon memorabilia, period furniture, and photographs.

Pioneer Memorial Museum

Interesting Facts

A few of the items that can be found in the museum include:

  • Unique canes of various individuals, including Orson Hyde and Brigham Young
  • Willard Richard’s clock
  • Portraits of Joseph Smith and Brigham Young painted in Nauvoo
  • The main stage curtain from the old Salt Lake Theater
  • Photographs of numerous pioneers
  • Pioneer clothing (including the clothes worn by Orson Pratt the day he entered the Salt Lake Valley)
  • A musical organ transported across the plains by George Careless upon which he composed several hymns sung by the Latter-day Saints today
  • The medical instruments of Dr. John Bernhisel
  • The original wooden eagle from Brigham Young’s Eagle Gate
  • A replica of the golden spike from the celebration when the transcontinental railroads met and linked in Utah in 1869, ending the pioneer era
  • A wagon from Johnston’s Army
  • Hundreds of pioneer histories
  • Thousands of other relics, historic craft-works, and pioneer treasures from Utah’s earliest days
  • On the east side of the museum is a monument by Karl A. Quilter (2001), Lest We Forget, a tribute to those who made the trek and gave lives crossing the plains.