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About Us

Hallowed Ground Sacred Journeys is a Brigham Young University production that is made possible by the generous donations from the Friends of Religious Education.

Executive Producers

Casey Griffiths

Casey Paul Griffiths was born and raised in Delta, Utah. He served a mission in Fort Lauderdale, Florida before returning home to complete a B.A. degree in History at Brigham Young University (2002). He later earned a M.A. In Religious Education and a PhD in Educational Leadership and Foundations at BYU (2007, 2012). His studies focused on the development of religious education programs among the Latter-day Saints. Prior to joining the faculty in Religious Education at BYU, Brother Griffiths served in Seminaries and Institutes for eleven years as a teacher and a curriculum writer. His research focuses on the history of religious education among Latter-day Saints, the history of the Church in the Pacific, and diverse movements associated with the Restoration. He is married to Elizabeth Ottley Griffiths and they live in Saratoga Springs with their three adorable children.


Craig J. Ostler

Craig J. Ostler and his wife, Sandy, have 7 children. He served in the Bogotá, Colombia mission as a bishop and on two High Councils. Previous to coming to BYU he taught in the Church Education System. He has directed many BYU Travel Study Tours throughout the United States to American Heritage and Church History sites, as well as Israel, Egypt, and Jordan. He and his family lived in Jerusalem while he was a faculty member at the BYU Center for Near Eastern Studies.

John P. Livingstone

John P. Livingstone was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, and came to teach religion at BYU in 1998 following his service as President of the Michigan Detroit Mission. He taught seminary and institute in Canada for many years and is also a licensed psychologist in Alberta. From 2005 to 2007, He was President of the Association of Mormon Counselors and Psychotherapists (AMCAP). He and his wife Linda are the parents of six daughters and one son with an ever-growing (now 29) number of grandchildren.

Student Team Members

  • Amanda Christensen
  • Tyler Jones
  • Sarah Jones
  • Vandy Tombs
  • Kyle Welch
  • Brodie Fisher
  • Brooke Frandsen
  • Rhonda Gray
  • Andrew Hutchins
  • Julia Kirby
  • Natalie Lambert
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